Posted by: msgranger | January 20, 2010

Final Word on Edu 505

I have found this online course to be very helpful. Not only were all of the assignments and reading applicable to the classroom but, all of the assignments created can be used in the future. I have found many great resources and developed a number of useful skills from this class. I would gladly recommend it to any teacher as an asset to your lifelong learning process.

Edu 505 Multimedia Education-Final Words

Posted by: msgranger | January 19, 2010


This assignment was a great deal of fun and very educational. You are required to create a WebQuest in any subject that you choose. My partner and I chose to do ours on Jack London’s “Call of the Wild.”

The goal was to have the students be reporters using the WebQuest references. They have two choices: research the Yukon or the Iditarod dog sled race. With either choice, they must also research Jack London, using the instruction on the WebQuest.

The toughest part was our struggle with technology. For instance, when sending files back and forth, they would not always send. I have a Macintosh but, have Office on my computer. Unfortunately, all fonts and accessories are not compatible with older versions of Windows. This caused some frustration but, alloted for the learning of new techniques on how to ensure that a file is viewable to all.

Overall, I’m proud of the hyperlinks and extras that we added. I can’t wait to use this in my own classroom!

Call of the Wild WebQuest

Posted by: msgranger | January 19, 2010


This assignment included research of educational, interactive websites thought to be a supplement to lessons taught within the classroom. This compilation of websites has been thoroughly looked over and graded based upon their educational material content, ease of use, and whether or not the site was interesting enough to hold the student’s attention.

I chose to do my webliography on Language Arts and the sites I chose are great for elementary and middle school students. Many of the websites also have different skills levels to choose from and all of them are interactive. My highest recommendations were graded with an A+. Whereas, my lowest recommendations were graded with a C or lower.

I hope that these recommendations can help you within your classroom or at home with your children.

Language Arts Webliography for Elementary – Middle School